A Guide for Purchasing Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Posted by admin on October 28, 2017

There are ample varieties of top rated vacuum cleaners available these days.  Most of them are crafted for domestic use or light cleaning but some clean-up jobs require heavy duty work, and therein come the commercial vacuum cleaners into picture.  Commercial vacuum cleaners are strong and made for intense use.

They contain a powerful motor along with a strong body that can survive the damages of industrial usage.  Even though they might not have most of the qualities of a high-end, lightweight vacuum cleaner used in ordinary homes, they definitely clean floors and carpets more efficiently.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are structured for everyday rigorous use.  They are often used in hotels, conference rooms, schools, restaurants and hospitals.  What a vacuum cleaner made for home undergoes in a whole life, a commercial vacuum cleaner can easily endure in a single month.  Quite obviously therefore industrial vacuum cleaners must be strong and tough to survive heavy usage.


Tips for Choosing A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

  • Heavy Suction

The motor’s power is the first thing that has to be considered. Choose a model with a minimum of 10-amp motor so that even heavy carpets can be cleaned.

  • Wide Cleaning Path 

To ensure that the job gets done quickly, opt for a commercial vacuum that has a wide cleaning path. Some commercial vacuum cleaners have a cleaning path that is approximately 1 foot to as wide as 3 feet.

  • Long Power Cord

One needs a commercial vacuum cleaner that has a power cord which is a minimum of 35 feet long to manage a large area without having to switch power outlets.  Some vacuum cleaners come with 50 feet long power cords.

  • Best Vacuum Cleaner Customized

While purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner, consider its primary usage. For large places like passage ways, conference rooms and banquet halls, one must get an upright vacuum cleaner that has a wide cleaning path.  A backpack or canister vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning booths and places that are hard-to-reach. Consider the accessories and attachments like extensions tubes, bare floor tools and crevice tools that are available along with the vacuum cleaner. The best vacuum cleaner has to be customized for personal use.

  • Warranty 

Pick a commercial vacuum cleaner with the longest warranty possible since repairs are expensive so choose one with brilliant service warranty.

HEPA filters are suggested for commercial vacuum cleaners in order to have more efficient removal of allergens and dust.  Industrial vacuum cleaners which are used in surroundings with dangerous or toxic residues need specified filters that call for particular supervision while disposal.

One needs to choose according to one’s budget, but it has been proven that the ones with the widest cleaning path along with the good power are the most popular. Commercial vacuum cleaners might be more expensive than the ordinary domestic models but they definitely make a wise investment.