All About MRE Meals

Posted by admin on October 27, 2017

MRE meals or meals that are ready to eat have grown a lot in popularity over the past few years. There was a time when only military had access to MRE meals but these days, several companies, such as XMRE, Eversafe or MRE Star, also sell this kind of food to civilians. There is little difference between the MRE meals available for military personnel and those sold to civilians. In most cases, the meals available for civilians tend to be better in terms of taste and variety as military meals are more focused on providing the much-needed nutrition.

MRE meals are great for an emergency, especially if you're stuck in a natural disaster. People who are stuck in their home due to a natural disaster and have to wait for the emergency crews to arrive need to have a kit prepared in order to survive the disaster. One of the biggest problems people face is that they usually do not have enough food and water to see them through the waiting period before the emergency crews arrive. One of the biggest advantages of ready to eat meals is that these are perfect for such emergency situations. 


Most of the MRE meals available in the market today have a shelf life of over five years. In fact, some of the MRE meals available in the market today have a shelf life of up to 10 years when stored in the right conditions. There are several different kinds of MRE meals available in the market today and most of the meal packages offer a complete meal that includes a dessert, a side dish as well as a main dish in addition to a spread and bread or crackers. 

These days, you can also buy MRE meals that contain various beverage mix such as coffee as well as other items. It is also important for you to know that MRE meals are designed to provide adequate nutrition and in most cases, an MRE meal can provide you upwards of 1200 calories.

Most companies selling MRE packages these days also provide a flameless ration heater to help you heat up your food. You will also need to add some water to the heater in order to heat up your food. 

In addition to emergency situations, these meals are also great for people who like to go camping. They do not need to carry huge number of ingredients with them in order to enjoy the camping trip. Instead, they can just throw in a few MRE packages as these do not take up a lot of space. Another advantage of these meals is that a minimal amount of water is needed in order to prepare the meal. These meals are also packed with various vitamins and minerals in order to provide the necessary nutrition to your body.

While these meals are great for emergency situations, you should not rely on these meals for your regular nutrition needs. These tend to be a bit expensive, especially when compared with the alternatives available. Also, while these are a great source of nutrition during an emergency, you shouldn’t expect restaurant like taste in these meals.

As far as storing these meal packages is concerned, you need to store them in dry condition and when stored in dry conditions, these packages have a shelf life of more than five years. There are a number of companies offering a wide variety of MRE meals. However, you should not buy the meals from the first company you come across. You should check the reviews of various companies before making your decision. 

Some companies specialize in a particular type of meal. Therefore, it is important that you get samples from different companies in order to find the right company that suits your taste. The price of these meal packages also differ depending on the type of food packed inside. 

Overall, MRE meals are great for emergency situations as well as for people who want to go camping. You can eat the food hot or cold as per your needs. Most of the meals also come with a flameless heater to help you enjoy a hot meal without any additional heat source. So, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when you are looking for an MRE company.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of MRE Meals

Posted by admin on July 5, 2017

Have you ever considered buying MRE meals? If the answer is a yes, then it may be a good idea to know about the pros and cons of buying them. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of MRE meals:

Advantages of MRE meals 


Did you know that MRE meals provide all the fat and calories needed for the whole day? Therefore, you will only have to eat once in a 24 hour period. This can be very beneficial to those who are in the middle of a disaster. 

Easy to prepare 

Many people prepare for disasters by running to the grocery store shelves and grabbing cans of food off the shelves. Even though this is not a bad idea, it will be hard for them to heat up the food in the cans when disaster strikes. 

MREs are the best meals you need to buy when preparing for disasters as they have components that will help you get things nice and hot before you decide to dig in. MRE meals also have a long shelf life meaning that you will not have to be checking the expiration date every month. 

Disadvantages of MRE meals

They are not tasty 

Unfortunately, people do not eat MREs to be treated to a gourmet experience. Some of the meals are not tasty. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid them if you are ultra-picky and flavor means everything to you. 


There are many ways of preparing for disasters without spending a lot of money. People who want to buy MREs are usually surprised by the cost of these products. MREs are costly and not ideal for those looking for an economical way to eat when disaster strikes. 

Now that you know the pros and cons of MREs, it is up to you to decide whether to buy them or not. Always remember that it is very important to think carefully before buying MRE meals as this will ensure that you buy something you like. If you would like to know more about MREs, you may like the article here. 

The Benefits Of Buying MREs In Wholesale

Posted by admin on December 1, 2016

Do you want to make sure you are prepared for worst-case scenarios? If you want to make sure that you and your family have food to eat when disaster strikes, then you may want to look into buying military-grade ready-to-eat meals! When you have MRE meals, you will always have a safe meal that you can eat. 

If you are going to be buying these products, you'll want to buy them in bulk. Here are a few of the benefits of buying MRE wholesale:

You'll Save Money 

When you buy items in bulk, you won't have to pay the full retail price for the goods that you buy. You will have the chance to get every item at a deep discount. 

Since MRE meals already tend to be very cheap, you'll be able to get all of the food you need for an extremely low price.

You'll Have More Than Enough Food 

When you buy in bulk, you'll have enough food to get you through a very long stretch of time. These meals are non-perishable, so you might as well stock up on them! You never know when you might need them. 

You Can Have Your Meals Sent Straight To You 

When you order your wholesale meals, you will be able to buy them online! You can buy as many meals as you want, and you can have all of them sent straight to your door. 

Getting all of the meals you need won't be a hassle. You'll be able to have everything shipped directly to you. 

The benefits of buying MRE wholesale are clear. If you want to take advantage of the many perks that MRE meals offer, then you will definitely want to try buying these meals in bulk. You'll be stunned at how much you save!

What Do You Need To Know About Meals Ready To Eat?

Posted by admin on August 23, 2016

A military food ration is called an MRE, which stands for a meal ready to eat. An MRE is something favored by people in emergency management or those who enjoy prepping, simply because they offer a high-calorie count, and they have a long shelf life. The best part is that they are also not that bad at all when it comes to taste.

History Of The MRE

Back to the days when the first troops in America were fighting in the Revolutionary War, nutrition has always been looked upon as being an essential part of the overall effectiveness of anyone fighting in the war. The original rations for American soldiers were items like hard bread, salted pork and beer. Early on in the 1900s, reserve rations changed it up to hard tack biscuits and one pound of jerky. C rations came about in 1938 as an upgrade. However, they were very widely loathed. From 1958 to 1975, MCIs or meal combat individual rations became the ration of choice despite being looked upon just about as unfavorably as the C rations. The very first MREs were to come about in 1975 and became far superior in both nutrition and flavor to all of their predecessors.

MRE Brands

Real MREs usually are of government property and are not available for sale to civilians. There are some civilian MREs that are made by the same companies to be sold to civilians. If you start shopping around, you will find that there are food manufacturers including Ameriqual, Wornick and SoPakCo have been around for many years. There are also companies like Meal Kit Supply, International Meals Supply and XMRE have been in production for a number of years, while also being newer to the market. Wornick makes an MRE available to civilians, known as Eversafe. Ameriquel also sells through the name APack and SoPakCo sells under the name Sure-Paks. There is also MREStar provided by International Meals Supply and Meal Kit Supply also sells under their own name to civilians. These are all made in the United States, and they are fully USDA inspected.

When it comes to purchasing, you could find MREs available online or at conventions that might be cheaper, however, you cannot guarantee how they have been stored. You should always choose reputable sellers such MRE Giant, or it would be the best to look for purchasing right through the manufacturer for best storing procedures.