Why You Should Replace Your Mattress At Least Every Ten Years

Posted by admin on November 20, 2017

If you have not purchased a new mattress in the last 10 years, then now is an excellent time to start looking at buying a new mattress.  Many individuals wonder why they should purchase a new mattress, if theirs seems to work just fine.  There are several reasons why you should consider replacing your mattress every 10 years.  The first reason, is because a lot of dead skin, body oils and other contaminants actually get trapped in your mattress, which is not only unhealthy, but could make you sick.  Of course you could pay over a hundred dollars to have your mattress professionally steamed cleaned, but let's be real, few consumers actually do so.

The other thing to keep in mind is, chances are your mattress has at least some sagging or spots where there are slight depressions from sleeping on the same area.  Now depending on what type of mattress you have, you maybe able to flip your mattress over, but that really isn't solving the problem in the long run.  The other question consumers often ask is whether they can just purchase a mattress topper and wouldn't that be the same thing?  The thing to remember is mattress toppers also can cost several hundreds of dollars, and that doesn't solve the fact that there are still depressions and sagging that is occurring.  At most you only extended the lifetime of your mattress for a few months or a year and spend well over a hundred dollars doing so.  Instead you could have put that money toward a new mattress, and be sleeping a lot more comfortably.  The other question consumers often ask is whether it's necessary to purchase the exact same size of mattress or if they can purchase a larger mattress.  While it will depend on your mattress frame and bed, in many cases, if you desire or need a larger mattress, it often makes sense to purchase one.  Even if that means that temporarily you just purchase a new mattress frame to install it on.