Top 4 Common Massage Techniques

Posted by admin on September 10, 2017

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Massages are practiced all over the world, with a variety of different techniques existing. They help relax the body, relieve stress, and soothe the senses. Some techniques, though, are favored above others. Here are 4 of the most common massage techniques.

1. Swedish massage

Probably the most common form of massaging, the Swedish massage relaxes the entire body, with strokes of the hand running along the direction of blood flowing to the heart. The Swedish massage helps raise the amount of oxygen in your blood, helps your relax, and aids in the removal of muscle toxins. It’s beneficial for your health and extremely calming.

2. Deep tissue massage

This method is similar to the Swedish massage, but the pressure applied is focused on muscle tissue and tendons. This form of massaging lowers blood pressure, relieves the body of stress, and can help your mood by releasing serotonin and oxytocin hormones.

3. Shiatsu

Originating from Japan, shiatsu therapy uses the thumbs, hands, feet, elbows and knees to apply pressure to certain points on the body such as the limbs and joints. This technique is common in Eastern Asia and helps in the circulation of blood, relieves the body of headaches, and can help in preventing anxiety and stress.

4. Hot stones

In this form of massing, stones are warmed up in sanitized water and then placed on the body. This technique improves blood circulation and relieves stress, but is particularly great at dealing with pain. The use of hot stones is recommended for those who suffer from stiff joints or tense muscles, as it relaxes your body.

Regardless of the technique involved, massaging is a great way to whine down, and that is why you may consider taking massage therapy courses in Sydney.