Tourists are drawn towards attractive cities

Posted by admin on October 23, 2017


Tourist are drawn to Australia for many attractions and activities. Tourists carry “must see” list with them in which they are more inclined towards well known places as the Opera House and Harbor Bridge in Sydney. Other cities rely on presenting itself as culturally rich with few nice options to visit. Similarly, second largest city in Australia, Melbourne has promoted itself as “Sports and event capital’, “art and culture capital’ and more recently as “the street art capital”.

Street art, which is also considered as graffiti has many lovers in the city. Earlier it was not supported by many as it has seen as vandalism. But now artistically made graffiti has many lovers. On Sunday afternoon, we can see locals as well as international visitors posing in front of freshly painted graffiti. Melbourne has become world famous for its unique street art. There are many lanes where we can see local tour guides are making street art lovers to visit street art. Graffiti art in Melbourne has attracted more Instagram hashtags then traditional destinations.

Art in the form of graffiti and murals both play a significant role in promoting the city as “the street art capital”. Artist have also understood the acceptance and taste of tourists. Hence to promote it even more artists are collaborating with corporates to pursue their interest and make it as their career option. Now people love to make their wall as canvas for street artist and want to have beautiful piece of street art on it.