Types Of Hauling Equipment

Posted by admin on January 6, 2018

Courtesy: Shaw Trucking

The movement of heavy loads plays a big part in everyday construction work, whether that load consists of construction materials, earth, or other supplies. To get the job done, the use of several types of hauling equipment can be employed.

1. Excavators

Excavators are large vehicles with a long, extendable arm. Attached to this metal arm is a digging bucket. The vehicle can carry large amounts of material in its bucket, making it perfect for the movement of heavy loads. It can also be used to dig holes, and level buildings, making them ideal for large-scale excavation projects.

2. Trucks

Trucks are small in comparison to most construction vehicles, but make up for it with their speed. Trucks are mostly used for the quick transportation of materials and supplies in construction sites. Dump trucks are often used to dispose of waste material such as dirt, sand, and clay.

3. Cables

Cable hauling equipment has several uses in construction work. Cables are often attached to cranes. With a hook at the end, cables can be used to lift and move heavy items. With a wrecking ball at the end, cables can be used to demolish buildings. They can also be attached to the back of trucks, which can then drag materials around.

As seen through these three examples, construction work involves the use of multiple types of hauling equipment. Each serves a different purpose, and each contributes in its own way to the work done on site.