Organic Pest Control and Its Advantages

Posted by admin on July 15, 2017

Both commercial and small farm owners prefer to use environment friendly pesticides. This is because of increased awareness of the disadvantages of using chemical based pesticides. Most of the farmers prefer using biological ways to get rid of pests. Below are a few advantages of using biological pest control:

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1. Lesser carbon released in environment

There are several options aside from using chemical based insecticides and pesticide that do not result in carbon being released in the environment. This also includes organic and biological pest control. By using environmental friendly pests killing solutions you can ensure that no toxic chemicals are being released in the surroundings.

2. Healthier landscape for longer period

If you use organic or natural ways to control pests, it does not only profit your crops it also the surrounding landscape. If you use beneficial insects they feed on all of those pests that are harmful of landscape.

3. Pests does not develop immunity

If you keep on using the same type of chemical insecticides and pesticides, they may become ineffective with time. There are chances these solutions may be effective for 2 or 3 times after that pests become immune to them. If you are using insects you may have to invest lesser with high effectiveness.

4. Indoor and outdoor purposes

Another benefit is that natural or organic pest control methods can easily be used outdoors as well as for indoor plantation.

These are some of the advantages due to which organic methods are considered the best pest control in Brisbane.

Tips To Avoid Equipment Accidents

Posted by admin on April 7, 2017

Many accidents can occur when earthmoving equipment or heavy machinery is mishandled by workers. Another major reason for the high rate of on-site accidents is the lack of safety measures implemented on construction sites. Given below are a few important tips by which earthmovers can reduce the chances of accidents during field work:

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1. Communication with fellow workers

In order to avoid an accident, one should be in constant communication with their fellow workers. It is advisable that workers should be equipped with two-way radios or phones so that they can easily communicate, especially in case of an emergency. They should be trained to use hand signals so that, if phones or radios are not working, they can communicate via hands.

2. Seatbelts

When driving or working with motor vehicles like tractors, cranes or bulldozers, the driver should always wear a seatbelt. In case of any accident, the rollover seatbelt can save the driver and any passengers from injure injuries. It also keeps them firmly in their seats when working on uneven or rough terrains.

3. Blind spots

Make sure that, when working with heavy equipment, there is no one standing behind you or at a blind spot. If you cannot see properly, it is advisable to get the assistance of another person who can act as a spotter, thus ensuring nobody gets hurt during the process. It is advisable to wear neon or high-visibility vests at construction sites.

These are some of the safety rules for earthmoving equipment hire in Brisbane to minimize the chances of accidents.