How to Stage a Laundry Room

Posted by admin on January 4, 2018

I must confess something here… I have a hang-up about staging laundry rooms. While most of us know that the kitchen is known as the "heart of the house" many hours have been spent in the laundry area.

Are prospective buyers interested in what is behind the door? Yes, they are!

The laundry area requires attention and staging exactly like the other rooms within your property. This is 1 place you do not wish to overlook. The largest concern is eliminating everything that's not required so that the room looks spacious.

How to Stage a Laundry Room

Eliminate clutter: Eliminate everything which you don't require. The single items in there ought to be products you have to do laundry. Now's not the time to obtain a mega 50-gallon container of detergent…I will inform you why afterward. You may search for best cleaning services in NYC through the web.

Clean like angry: You ought to be considering the area being organized and neat. Wipe all surfaces such as the washer and dryer from top to bottom. Push the washer and dryer back and tuck the hoses.

Use baskets and bins: Canvas baskets and bins make a large difference visually when utilized to store laundry products. Buyers aren't interested in seeing all those goods, and they produce a cluttered feeling. Space will look far more organized and refreshing when staged with appealing baskets or bins.

Hangers and laundry baskets: When it comes to doing laundry we cannot live with them, however they ought to be out of sight in a showing. Do not store the additional hangers on the clothing racks. Instead, set them in a basket or bin or in case you've got a cupboard in your laundry area.