Check Book Covers To Get Coupons

Posted by admin on November 22, 2017

My sister had just recently had to say goodbye to her dear, faithfully old dog, Pepper. Having raised him since he was a 6 week old puppy, and having shared 18 wonderful years with him, she was really cut up about his passing! So I decided to try and cheer her up a bit with a little surprise. I asked her husband to send me her favorite picture of Pepper, and ordered a check book cover with his picture printed on it. I used the checks unlimited that was available online, and received a massive discount off my order, plus free shipping!

Her reaction upon seeing her new check book cover with Pepper’s picture printed on it, was priceless! Her husband was also thrilled when he saw it, as I did not tell him what I was doing with the picture. He wanted to know what I paid for it, and where I had ordered it from, so I told him all about the discount and free shipping that’s offered with the checks unlimited coupon code.

He was really impressed and decided to order check books and matching check book covers printed with his business logo. My sister absolutely loves her check book cover!!!