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A First Time Visitors Guide To Thailand

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When travelling for the first time to Thailand, there are so many things that you need to consider. It may take you a lot of time to research about the places you want to visit or activities that you can do. If you do not have the right guidelines, you may end up wasting a lot time during your trip. Following are a few things that can make your trip hassle free.

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1. What time of the year should you visit Thailand

It is very essential to select the right time to visit Thailand. It is because if you go in summers you will experiences either very hot weather or lots of rain. But the main benefit of going in summers is that you will be able to avail discounts and sales. If you go any time from October to April, it is the peak season when most tourists visit Thailand. During these months, you may not be able to avail a lot of discounts but you will truly enjoy the weather and outdoor activities.

2. What type of clothes should you pack

Most of the year, Thailand experiences warm weather so it is preferable to pack light clothes. A few shirts and jeans will do the trick. Even if it gets rainy, you can easily purchase some light sweater from the local market as shopping in Thailand is relatively economical than in most countries.

3. How to explore Thailand

If you are landing in a big city like Bangkok, it is very easy to travel to any place from there. You can easily get flights or use public transport like subways and boats to travel to other cities of Thailand.

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Get exclusive event updates personally

Posted by admin on December 3, 2017


We all love to attend fun and music events as they are a good way to relax and enjoy with friends or family. Sydney city is quite famous for its huge music events and concerts. The city sees so many music artists playing that people fail to keep a track for the same. To solve this problem, there are some service agencies that provide first hand and prior information to people so that they can prepare for the event beforehand. The service is simple, the receiver will get messages and notifications of all upcoming music events and festivals as per their interests.

Get your name on the party guest lists

The Sydney city has great nightclubs and is host to hottest parties. The tourists hear a lot about the parties and always wish to get to be a part of these event. It is possible for the tourists to take the sms service for the duration they are in the city and can then get their names on the party guest list that they would like to attend the upcoming events in Sydney. The tourists and first time users get great deals and discounts that make their trip so much better.

Read privacy policy and terms

It is an advice to all people that they go through the privacy policy and terms of the events so that they will know what they must expect. This helps in avoiding all possible issues that may otherwise occur during the festivals.

Have a great time in Sydney.

Get the best quality camp gear for your trips

Posted by admin on December 2, 2017


Camping trips are a lot of fun and they are a must for each one of us as they teach us many lessons like making adjustments and so on. These simple trips are also a great way to spend some good time with family and friends. But, when people plan trips to camping and trekking locations, the first and foremost thing to plan is the great and other important stuff that they will need during the trip. These trips are not luxury oriented and they require one to pack all essentials before hand as they will not find them during the trip.

Hire a four wheel drive for a safe trip

A four wheel drive is a comfortable car for camping and trekking trips as it keeps the passengers safe and without any pain during the entire trip. 4wd hire is a perfect car for safe travel and it suits the passenger size as the cars come in three sizes i.e. small, medium and large. The car sizes are meant to suit people as per their strength. The car can be taken on rent and the payment modes are simple so that the people do not have to worry much about the cost and other such related things.

Choose only good quality gear

The quality plays an important role in camp and other related gear as the bad quality ones might not work as expected. Good quality stuff on the other hand will last for a longer time and will not cause any damage to the person during the trip. The rental agencies also make sure that they keep all premium quality stuff to satisfy the customers.

Enjoy your trek trip to places.

Advantages Of Buying Your Colombo Event Tickets Online

Posted by admin on November 23, 2017

There are many advantages in buying your Colombo tickets online and hence, if you have never purchased your tickets online before then it may be high time that you gave it a try to see it for yourself how convenient and easy it would be for you. People are quite busy these days and no one has time to spare getting into queues trying to be served by someone at the counter vending event tickets.

Everyone prefers to be able to book tickets from the comfort of their own homes or offices using their computer system or even their mobile phones which have access to the internet these days. Therefore, if you are looking for the most convenient of ways to purchase tickets then you would want to try out getting your tickets online.

Once you have successfully purchased your first ticket over the internet, you will love the process and will want to continue getting it in similar ways in future. However, you will want to identify the right website that you can trust for all of your ticketing needs.

One such website that offers Colombo tickets is which you should visit and get detailed information on various events from. You should bear in mind that tickets for popular events will usually sell out fast and hence you might want to book and buy event tickets in advance as soon as you have decided you would like to attend the Colombo event in question.

Tourists are drawn towards attractive cities

Posted by admin on October 23, 2017


Tourist are drawn to Australia for many attractions and activities. Tourists carry “must see” list with them in which they are more inclined towards well known places as the Opera House and Harbor Bridge in Sydney. Other cities rely on presenting itself as culturally rich with few nice options to visit. Similarly, second largest city in Australia, Melbourne has promoted itself as “Sports and event capital’, “art and culture capital’ and more recently as “the street art capital”.

Street art, which is also considered as graffiti has many lovers in the city. Earlier it was not supported by many as it has seen as vandalism. But now artistically made graffiti has many lovers. On Sunday afternoon, we can see locals as well as international visitors posing in front of freshly painted graffiti. Melbourne has become world famous for its unique street art. There are many lanes where we can see local tour guides are making street art lovers to visit street art. Graffiti art in Melbourne has attracted more Instagram hashtags then traditional destinations.

Art in the form of graffiti and murals both play a significant role in promoting the city as “the street art capital”. Artist have also understood the acceptance and taste of tourists. Hence to promote it even more artists are collaborating with corporates to pursue their interest and make it as their career option. Now people love to make their wall as canvas for street artist and want to have beautiful piece of street art on it.